Friday, May 10, 2013


It's almost over! I can't believe that after two years, I am finally graduating with two Master's degrees. I still have a few finals to get through and a couple projects, but it is nice to know that I will be done in less than a month. Commencement is on May 20th, so it will be exciting to walk in front of family and friends in honor of the end of my graduate education.

While the end is very near, there is still so much going on until graduation. There are numerous social events that are going on before we reach the last day of classes. There are many numerous end of the year parties for the different programs. This year's MSF and MSA event is at Market in downtown Boston. It should be a classy, yet fun affair. As a part of the GMA, we have the responsibility to plan these events using our budget.

In addition to all the end of the year parties, there are also Grad Week events. These should be a lot of fun as they involve fun activities around Boston, as well as events in other states around New England. It will be nice to hang out with everyone else who is graduating and celebrate our achievements as we anticipate the next chapter in our lives.

Over the summer, I plan to study for and take the CPA exam. It will basically be my job. I know it is quite a feat to pass all four parts in one summer, but I hope that the Becker FastPass classes at BC will help me achieve this. I do not want to have to study for the tests once I start my job. The summer will be a bit more stressful than most, but it will all be worth it in the end!

It has been a great two years, but I am excited to start a new chapter in my life! But Boston College will always be a special place to me. GO EAGLES!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello everyone!

Happy spring, and hope everyone is safe and doing well. God bless Boston! I wanted to take some time to share information on a cool experience that is available to Boston College graduate business students. I took some time to talk with Steve Pipp, MSF '13 about the famous TechTrek experience here. He went on the TechTrek in NYC, but there is also another one in California that takes place earlier in the year. He provided some really great information, and it definitely sounds like a program you do not want to miss out on:

Could you please give us a background about what the TechTrek in NYC involved?

TechTrek NYC is a selective program that takes ~20 graduate and undergraduate students on a day trip down to New York City to meet with startups. On our trip, we visited Tumblr, Google, Rent the Runway, Fresh Direct, and Etsy - all big players in the world of tech startups! We met with BC alumni at each company through Professor Gallaugher's connections. In many cases, those alums connected us with other employees in the company. For example, the CEO of Etsy took an hour out of his day to speak with us about the challenges and goals of their company - and enjoy some pizza! Was there any preparation involved? All the prep work was done on an individual basis, but a wiki full of information was provided for us. Definitely one of those "you get out what you put in" experiences. I did most of my prep work on recent rounds of funding and revenue streams, as I'm a finance guy at heart.

Which programs in Carroll were involved? (MBAs, MSFs, MSAs?)

The program is open to all CGSOM and CSOM students, and we even had some A&S students on the trip. This diversity showed during conversations as we were delving into these companies.

What kind of networking opportunities did you have through this experience?

I was actually surprised at how receptive all of these companies were to us as students. Many of the alums provided us with contact information and I've connected with a few of them via LinkedIn. It was also great to be with other BC students who are passionate about startups. Sometimes those can be the best connections to make on a trip like this!

What was your favorite part of the whole experience?

My favorite part was visiting the Google NYC headquarters. They own one of the largest buildings in all of NYC and you could walk for days just looking at the exhibits and artwork in their facility. They have committed to being an innovation-driven culture and it permeates through every aspect of their workspace. It goes to show the lengths that Google will go to attract and retain the best talent in the world. Unfortunately, it was the only facility that didn't allow photography as there were so many yet-unseen projects underway - but maybe that added to the mystique!

Are you involved with the Tech Club at BC and how did that influence your experience?

I am involved in the BC Grad Tech Club, and their weekly email is how I found out about this and many other trips. There are Boston TechTreks nearly every week to startups and venture capital firms closer to home here in Boston. Those were great preparation for this trip since a lot of these startups face similar challenges. I would encourage any incoming students to get on as many mailing lists as they're interested in. You never know what opportunities they may have to offer!

Why would you recommend this experience to people thinking of doing TechTrek?

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in entrepreneurship or innovation. These trips go light-years beyond a case study. TechTrek NYC is a great way to immerse yourself in several startups and get a feel for the excitement and difficulties of working for or starting a new venture. If you enjoy the Boston TechTreks, this takes it to the next level. A TechTrek West is also offered, where students take a week-long trip to Seattle and Silicon Valley, so any interest level can be accommodated.

Thanks a lot Steve! Hope this provided a good background and synopsis into the whole TechTrek experience! It definitely sounds like something that anyone can get involved in no matter what their background or interests are. The technical companies are on the rise, so it can't hurt to really get into the industry no matter what functions you perform. This is another great example of how great the Boston College alumni are. They really are everywhere.

Again, special thanks to Steve Pipp. Until next time -


Thursday, January 24, 2013


My final semester at BC is under way. It is definitely nice to know I will be finished soon, but also sad as well.

So this semester, I am taking Assurance & Consulting Services, Tax & Management Decisions, Law for CPAs, and Financial Statement Analysis. It is a completely accounting-filled curriculum. I finished my MSF last semester, so I have technically graduated with my first degree. All my classes seem very interesting so far, and I have learned quite a bit in the first couple weeks.

I finished recruiting last semester, and I received multiple offers in both the tax and advisory fields of the Big 4. I ultimately decided that it was best to choose the company I felt the best fit with, and that led me to PwC. I will be working in their ISG tax department in New York City next year. It should be a good experience, and I expect to learn a lot quickly. My decision really came down to the culture and the people I met. I just felt comfortable making the decision to join PwC. From the very start, I felt the strongest connection with the company, even over the other Big 4 firms. Many people say they are all the same, but I somehow internally was able to distinguish them. It was a difficult decision, but I believe I made the best decision for myself. I also think tax will be a very interesting discipline to work in, although it was definitely tough to give up my advisory offers. I am definitely excited to start this fall and embark on a new chapter in my life.

The rest of this semester should be very fun. We will be having another Winter Gala in the business school, as well as our weekly social events and Thirsty Thursdays. The MSAs and MSFs had a welcome back event at Jose McIntyre's last weekend. It was definitely a great time with free food and drinks, and the turnout was great. It was nice to see our classmates and friends in a setting where we were all having fun and socializing. As part of the GMA, I was able to help organize the event, and I am very glad it turned out to be a big success.

After I graduate, I plan to stay in Boston for the summer, and do the Becker fast-pass at BC to prepare for my CPA exams. I am hoping to take and pass all of them before I start work. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish this without too much trouble. I already got my books and flashcards from Becker. All the materials and classes were expensed directly to PwC, so it was great. As a student with limited funds, this was really helpful and convenient. The big firms definitely take care of you when it comes to the CPA exams. They will reimburse you for the all the CPA registration and test fees too.

I am definitely looking forward to finishing the program, as my future is set, but I have created some great memories and made some life-long friends here, so I am glad it is not over yet.