Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So the summer went by quick. I took three accounting courses, Financial Accounting Practice I, Internal Cost Management & Controls, and Strategic Cost & Profitability Analysis, and the pace of the classes were really intense, but I survived. It was a great summer in Boston with warm weather and lots to do. We had a small break before classes started in the fall, so I was able to go home and prepare for the intense subsequent semester.

Since classes have started in the fall, I have been going non-stop. It is definitely a very fast-paced environment now that I am applying to jobs. Even before classes started, the networking events kicked into high gear. I went to multiple information sessions and networking events for the Big Four firms and Grant Thornton during the beginning of the year while taking classes and participating in all my clubs at the same time. It is definitely a lot to handle, but it is nice to stay busy. I am still the MSA/MSF representative on the GMA, so it has been nice participating in that and organizing things for my programs. I am also the captain of the MSA/MSF flag football team, so I have been in the process of finalizing the team to beat the MBAs.

Even though there has been a lot of work, I have tried to stay close to my new classmates. There is a new class of people now that I am in accounting courses. Many of us have definitely developed a close rapport, and we have been out to many Thirsty Thursdays and social events together. I always love meeting new people, and it has been a great time getting to know my new friends.

I am currently taking Federal Taxation and Financial Auditing with Ed Taylor, Financial Accounting II with Gil Manzon, and Financial Policy with Elliott Smith. I have definitely learned a lot so far this semester and I have some great professors with a lot of energy right now. I am never even close to falling asleep in my 9AM class which says a lot about my tax professor.

This upcoming week is going to be very difficult with midterms and interviews. I am definitely nervous about it, but I will be happy when I have gotten through it. It has definitely been an eventful first few weeks of the fall semester, but I am sure it will only get more crazy. And even though I am stressed and nervous about the next month or so, I am excited and looking forward to taking on the challenge!