Friday, November 11, 2011

A Campus To Remember

I was visiting my very close friend the first time I visited Boston College. He had been admitted to the law school at Boston College and really loved it in Chestnut Hill. When I got here, I understood why. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere is infectious. Everyone just enjoys what they are doing. People here are very friendly and sociable. I always had a great time no matter who I was meeting or who I was talking to. The environment just really intrigues you. Well, everything except the 500 flights of stairs next to Hillside.

Naturally, after a couple visits, I decided to look into the business programs at BC when I was thinking about applying to graduate schools. When I came to the campus for my interview, I just really connected with the setup of Fulton, the classes, and the people. It just felt right. The MSF program was structured really well for my goals, and I felt the school was the perfect fit for me.

The city of Boston was another factor in my decision. I love cities because there is always more culture and activity. You have the ability to experience more just by being in a city with so much history and art. Boston is also home to one of the largest financial centers in the United States, so the connections and networking opportunities are endless. The Boston College network is also really strong. People from BC love other people from BC. So it's a great cohesive unit. It's great to be an Eagle!

Naturally, when I was accepted, I decided to enroll. I really wanted to annoy Boston fans with my Yankee gear. I was born in New York.

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